Rental Pump Policy

The Nursing Nook is home based business. 

Please make an appointment so we can guarantee to be available to help you.


It is the renter’s responsibility to return the pump on or before the renewal date.  Email reminders will be sent as a courtesy.  Please contact the Nursing Nook if you plan on returning the pump or you will be billed for the next month. 

The pump is rented monthly.  The first month will not be pro-rated, the following months can be prorated at 1.50 per day for Lactina, 2.00 per day for Elite, and 2.50 per day for Symphony.  Be aware that the per-day rate will be more than the flat monthly rate.  It may be more cost efficient for you to rent the entire month.

If you return the pump after the billing has been processed you will be charged a $15.00 service charge. This charge is in addition to the prorated fee.

Please clean the pump before you return it:  Use a wipe or cleaning cloth to clean the pump.  Lift the piston on the elite pump and clean under it.  Keep all pieces of the kit belonging to you.  There is a strictly enforced $15.00 cleaning fee for any pump not returned thoroughly clean.

Please make sure the credit card number you have on file is up to date.  If you receive a new card it is your responsibility to relay this information to Nursing Nook.  If you have a remaining balance when the pump is returned, please make sure the credit card on file is accurate or arrangements for other payment has been made.

The pump can be returned to 2 locations.  You must arrange for a drop off to get specific instructions on where to put the pump or when to meet.  The addresses below are for reference only. PLEASE CALL FIRST!!!

            146 Park Dr Jonesborough, TN

                 `DIRECTIONS TO PARK DR

                     From medical center parkinglot.

                     Turn left onto St of Frainklin Rd.

                     At second light turn Right on W Walnut St (old jonesborough hwy)

                     go 2.6 miles

                     turn Left on Sunny Slopes Drive

                     Make second left on Park Dr.

                     Last house at end of road.

                     look for yellow logo on the mailbox 146 Park Dr


            142 Meadow Dale Circle, Kingsport TN